I started this site for two reasons.  The first was to have an outlet for my interests in history, antiques, sleaze, book and magazine collecting, and BDSM.  Among the types of books and magazines that interest me are faux-sociological pulps from the 1960s and 70s, modern educational BDSM books, biographies, memoirs, and self-published works. In addition to books, I also collect old men’s and fetish magazines, vintage fetish photographs, antique catalogs, and all manner of ephemera.

The second reason I started this site was that I had long grown weary of hearing folks in the BDSM community recommend books to others that they had clearly never bothered to read.  While there are several kinky authors whose works are rightly canonized within BDSM community, the sad truth is that there are just as many, if not more, who would be unable to find a publisher if their area of expertise was something more mainstream like gardening. When I review a book, you can always count on me to not worry about a book’s or author’s reputation and let you know if something is very good or not worth spending money on.

While many of the books I review on the site are still in print or widely available, I also hope to focus on materials that are outside the mainstream of publishing and materials which are virtually unknown or forgotten.  It is my hope to both expose and archive much of this material so that it will be remembered and appreciated.  Unfortunately, even though I enjoy a lot of material that is obscure, much of it is obscure for a very good reason: it’s awful.

I really enjoy feedback about my reviews and the site in general. Don’t be shy about letting me know what you like and, maybe more importantly, what you don’t like.  You can use the comments on individual posts, write me at todd@pervertslibrary.com, or fill out the contact form below

If you are a writer or publisher whose work is dedicated to BDSM or other topics related to alternative sexuality and would like to see your work reviewed here, you can send it along with any relevant press materials to the address below.  While I don’t promise to review everything I receive, I will make an effort to review BDSM-related books and periodicals especially if they are self-published.

Finally, as someone interested in raising the overall quality of books about BDSM, I would consider it a privilege to provide feedback to writers prior to publication.  If you have written a book that you would like to have pre-reviewed, please drop me a line.  Be assured that your submission will be kept confidential.

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