Dr. Donsbach Tells You What You Always Wanted to Know about Prostate front cover

Dr. Donsbach Tells You What You Always Wanted to Know about Prostate front cover

By Dr. Kurt Donsbach
Published in 1983 by The International Institute of Natural Health Sciences, Inc.

I know I am different from most people, but the first thing I wondered when I read this book’s title was whether I could trust a book with such a grammatically awkward title. (I can’t.) Actually, that was the second thing I wondered.  The first thing I wondered was if (and how) the book would handle the delicate discussion of the simple joys of having a finger up your ass. As much as I might like to claim otherwise, I honestly was not terribly surprised that the book did not discuss the joy of manual stimulation of the prostrate with a finger or other object.  I would have been more surprised if it had, and you could have knocked me over with a feather if it had delved into the obscure subject of prostate milking.

Thanks to the fine folks at quackwatch.org, I was able to learn everything I wanted to know about the storied career of Dr. Donsbach.  I personally am quite skeptical of alternative medicine, but even alternative medicine’s advocates would be well advised to be suspicious of the likes of Dr. Donsbach.

Even if I wasn’t able to read the quackwatch.org article, it takes little time for even a layperson like me to determine that Dr. Donsbach’s medical advice isn’t to be trusted as he devotes the book’s first half  to outlandish and unsupportable claims about the restorative properties of nutrition as it relates to prostate health.

The most entertaining portion of this book is Dr. Donsbach’s “Liver-Kidney-Bowel Cleansing Fast.”  Unless you enjoy scat play, I can’t imagine that anyone would ever attempt to follow this particular program.

Even though absolutely nothing in this book seems factually reliable, I did enjoy it thoroughly.  However, it was the same sense of enjoyment that I derive from driving by a car wreck.