Sex In Prison front cover

Sex In Prison front cover

By Sandor Siegel
Published in 1967 by New Library Books

Following the standard case study format that was typical of its time, Sex in Prison is divided into two books: “Women without Men” and “Men without Women.  The bulk of the chapters consist of an “interview” with a prisoner conducted by the “psychologist” author, though there is additional text to spice up the text.  Taken as a whole, the studies serve to reinforce all the stereotypes of prisoners (and prison sex) while entertainingly adding a few new wrinkles to the standard views of prison-sex.

“Women without Men” contains three case studies.  The first case presented is Mona, a prostitute who willingly has sex with other inmates before being forced to have sex with the prison’s matron.  Next we meet Marian, a lesbian. Categorized as a juvenile delinquent, Marian grew up a neglected child and is imprisoned for the murder of her rapist.  Since this tome is devoted to prurient interests, the reader is treated to great detail of all of Marian’s trials and tribulations.  Finally, we meet Kitty, a straight nymphomaniac who reluctantly engages in lesbianism to sate her desires.

“Men without Women” begins with another juvenile delinquent, Phil.  As Phil’s tale unfolds we learn that he discovered that his sister was in a lesbian relationship with Linda.  Seeing his sister and Linda, Phil is so consumed with lust that he does the only thing logical: he begins an incestuous relationship with his sister.  Later, Phil and other members of his gang rape Linda.  Phil ultimately murders Linda because she began to talk about Phil’s relationship with his sister during the course of the rape.  What does all of this have to do with prison sex? Not much, so the chapter concludes with an aside that relieve his sexual urges during his incarceration, Phil has turned to onanism (masturbation.)

The next chapter introduces us to Albert and is probably the book’s saddest when viewed from a contemporary standpoint.  Albert is gay, the “crime” for which he is imprisoned.  As a effeminate gay man in prison, Albert endures ceaseless indignities during his imprisonment.

Charlie is presented as a misogynistic and unrepentant serial rapist.  Charlie grows up in an extraordinarily dysfunctional family.  His mother is a prostitute who and his father an alcoholic who is dependent on his wife’s income for booze.  Charlie often witnesses his mother plying her trade which fuels his hatred of women.  Charlie denies that he has any need to relieve his sexual urges, but as the chapter concludes, we learn Charlie’s and the prison donkey share a special bond the true nature of which I will leave to the reader’s imagination.

The book concludes on a rather disturbing note with the case history of Rudy.

Though the bulk of Sex in Prison has little to do with actual prison sex, the book is a interesting trip back in time and an excellent example of the faux psychology subgenre of sleaze.