Genderbent #1 front cover

Genderbent #1 front cover

By various
Self-published in 2008

I had never given much thought to drag kings prior to coming across this little DIY cut and paste zine.   If you aren’t familiar with drag kings think of drag queens only vice versa.

The inaugural issue of Genderbent has articles focusing on the first International Drag King Extravaganza, a drag king conference, reminiscences of people’s first experience as a king, and tips on how to be a better king.

A fanzine shouldn’t be judged by the slickness of its layout or binding.  Instead, for a fanzine to be good, it should have a level of enthusiasm for its subject that is contagious. By that standard, Genderbent is a wonderful little gem and I look forward to reading future issues.

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