Hey Stranger front cover

Front cover for Hey Stranger

Written and published by Stephanie Kulick in 1992.

I can’t remember where I acquired this tiny 8 page zine which consists wholly of an ode to body piercing. Written just as body piercing was becoming more common, this is a sweet little tome which celebrates the author’s love of body modifications. While I would expect my favorite drawing to be of the pierced perineum, it was actually the drawing of a pierced fingernail on its opposite page that proved my favorite.

Much of this zine’s charm is that it is unmistakably handmade.  The back cover is decorated with a Scotch® sealed lipstick kiss and the binding features a tiny ring evocative of the subject inside. My copy also came with a tiny sliver of paper inside where Stephanie promises to add additional rings to the binding if you return it to her with a stamp. The whole package serves as a reminder of how self-published zines can provide a level of intimacy mass published works cannot.  Good stuff all around.