Pornotopia Issue 1 front cover

Front cover for Pornotopia Issue 1

Edited by M.A. Sirk
Published in 2010 by Pandora Press

Full disclosure: M.A. Sirk contacted me and offered to send me a copy of his zine at no cost.  While I hope that the free zine won’t affect my objectivity, I would be re-miss to not mention it.

My expectations for a zine are always a bit different than they are for a commercially printed work, and I am able to overlook errors in a zine that would drive me bonkers if they appeared in a commercially printed work.

Hailing from Australia, “Pornotopia” describes itself as “a zine about sex and pornography.” The first thing I noticed about Pornotopia is its laminated cover.  This is the first zine or magazine for that matter I have seen with a laminated cover and it is a nice touch.  In fact, I am surprised that more sexually oriented magazines don’t have laminated covers, particular the magazines known colloquially as “stroke mags.”

By my count, the first issue contains nine articles or features that stylistically run the gamut from porn reviews to personal sex stories to fiction to even poetry.  The second article is a remembrance/review of an old amateur porn series titled, “Horny Housewife.”  While I personally have never much cared for amateur porn, reading Sirk extol the virtues this particular series (seemingly largely forgotten and unappreciated by the world at large) reminded me very much of my own efforts here at the library to celebrate and record items that might be otherwise forgotten or neglected.

Another article discussed the finer points of putting together a good photospread. While this is another topic that isn’t of much personal interest, Sirk’s enthusiastic explanations will inform my impressions the next time I see one.

One of Pornotopia’s best articles was the fiction with a lactation theme.  Unfortunately, the end of the story was cut off (some of the missing text was attached to a blank spot at the back of the zine, but there is still a piece missing).

Other articles include Sirk’s first trip to a nude beach (I won’t describe my own other than to say that I am still creeped out by the site of old men in Velcro sneakers), a poem about vintage porn, and an excellent article about the wonder that is drinking piss.

All in all, this is a nice effort for an inaugural issue.  Hopefully there will be future issues that improve on these themes and avoid the layout error that appeared in my favorite review.

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