Pornotopia Issue 3 front cover

Front cover for Pornotopia Issue 3

Edited by M.A. Sirk
Published in 2010 by Pandora Press

As always, in the interest of full disclosure, my copy came compliments of Pandora Press.

Pornotopia Issue 3 continues in the same vein as the first two issues but shows Sirk’s progress as a writer and editor. Unlike previous issues, this one features more content from other contributors.

This issue begins with another essay of about exhibitionism and is followed by a short illustrated article about Australian feminist Germaine Greer’s decision to pose nude.  The next article titled “The Great Mother and Daughter Photo Scandal” establishes the unstated theme of this issue, mothers and daughters.

Sirk’s other articles include his reminiscences about past lovers and a nice, but too short, commentary on the limited number of English words available to discuss sexual acts and body parts,  Also included is Sirk’s best fiction to date and a few reviews including a review of a work by yours truly.

While some might think printed zines passé, Pornotopia, with its intimate writing and focus on underappreciated topics, shows the zine format at its best.

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