The first article in today’s installment of Perversion in the News is a look at bestiality in colonial America.  While no one would be surprised that 17th Century justice took a dim view of bestiality, this article discusses colonial Americans proclivity towards slaughtering the victim animals.  On the one hand, the executing animals whose only crime was being sexy strikes me as taking blaming the victim to its extreme.  On the other, who wants to find the defiled gobbler on their Thanksgiving table?  Pilgrims Pride indeed.

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The second news article concerns North Carolina man arrested for a crime against nature.  For some reason, when I hear of a crime against nature, I envision things like the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl or the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  However, this crime against nature merely involved relations with the landlord’s dog.  While arrests for dog fucking happen with a somewhat surprising regularity, this particular case seemed noteworthy because the veterinarian did what I can only imagine was the canine equivalent of a rape kit on the victim and the collected DNA evidence was matched to the suspect.

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