I am proud to say that this site receives a fair amount of traffic.  Certainly not enough to be commercially viable, but enough to make me keep up the effort.  Since I don’t do any sort of advertising and detest most forms of social networking, there are generally only two ways that folks can find the site.  The first way that people find the site is because I mention its existence in a conversation.  However, it is more common for folks to find the website by using a search engine.  Most visitors have stumbled on to the site by searching for something rather banal.  However, a surprising number of you search for things that I would never dream of.  While some of these search terms suggest that English is not the searcher’s first language, many searches suggest the machinations of minds as depraved as my own.  Below are some of my favorites presented for you to judge for yourself:

  1. sex in 1936 – Why 1936?  Did the searcher search every year in the 30s?  Was there something about 1936 that made it a particularly sexy or unsexy year?  Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. famale – For some reason, I keep picturing a girl wrapped in a corn husk.
  3. bestiality in africa – Why Africa?  This is another where I wonder if the searcher went continent by continent looking for the skinny on bestiality.
  4. snarling doberman bdsm – No comment.
  5. toilet paper tube sex toy – Wow, just wow.
  6. great spanker in history – I’m glad to finally be getting the recognition I deserve.
  7. masturbation aiding images – I hope against hope that this is the result of limited English skills.
  8. crossdressing bestiality – I am forced to wonder if this person was looking for crossdressers who are into bestiality or if they were interested in animals who are wearing clothing of the opposite sex.
  9. smutty enema drawings – I don’t know how this searcher wound up here.  If this website ever hosts enema drawings, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be tasteful and not at all smutty.
  10. giving my man an erotic enema – This is actually a rather sweet search term in some ways, but it does make me wonder how many times he has had enemas before.  After all, the searcher seems to think there are instructions online just for him.
  11. diy pussy – I am all for DIY, but that seems to be taking things too far.
  12. scat stealing perv – Was this searcher tired of vanilla scat stealers?  I would suggest that adding perv after scat stealing is redundant.  (Upon further reflection it occurs to me that perhaps the searcher was looking for a “scat-stealing” perv.  I can readily see that regardless of how one defines the category of pervs, scat-stealing is definitely a subcategory.)
  13. mom masturbating – I would suggest that this person’s next search should be for a licensed counselor.
  14. overweightlisbos.com – Three questions: 1. What is a “lisbo?” 2. Why are overweight ones interesting? 3. Do they really have a website all their own? (Google says no to #3, I haven’t the faintest for #1 or #2.)
  15. comical handjobs – I am glad that someone else out there doesn’t want a handjob to be a somber experience.
  16. ? teach how to fuck – I dunno what this person was searching for, and that’s okay.
  17. play piercing removal – I cannot help but imagine someone halfway through a needle play scene and thinking to himself, “uh oh, what now?”
  18. own moms pussy eater – See #14.
  19. substitute corks to fuck pussy – I can only wonder what happened to the original fucking corks.
  20. Tom of Finland Hat – I have to admit that I have searched for this term myself while like for an image.  Probably you are looking for a Muir cap.  Learn more about them here.
  21. #1 perverted websites – According to Google, The Pervert’s Library is actually #7 and not #1, but I am proud nonetheless.