Perverts, Inc. front cover

Front cover for Perverts, Inc.

By Anthony Crowell
Published in 1967 by Venice Publishing Corporation

This book is not one that Daddy asked me to review.  Instead I began reading it during one of those ‘special’ moments we all have when we find ourselves with a little quiet time in the restroom.  Now I wish I hadn’t.  It was like screeching tires that signal a huge crash with blood and gore. You want to run away, but instead you turn and watch.  You don’t glance and look away, you watch.

As promised by the cover of the book, the author claims to reveal the inside scoop on “The nationwide, highly organized underground of sex perversion.” There are fifteen such ‘groups’ that he writes eroticized vignettes about, all in the name of research of course.  Crowell claims that somehow these perverts are working actively with intent to corrupt the rest of the God fearing citizens of America and his book is intended to serve as warning to the unwitting.  Clearly that is crap and the erotic passages are intentionally titillating as was the norm for the era in which it was published.

This book is one of those old pseudo sociological books Daddy seems to find so interesting, so with that in mind I tried to be open and withhold my modern day, politically correct notions of right and wrong.  In the chapter titled “Sodom West” the author lays out the sad tale of Fred DeHaven’s enticement into homosexuality.  Fred had been a normal 17 year old guy with no leanings at all toward homosexuality until his surfing friend, Charles, takes him to a coffee house just for young homosexuals. Apparently the deal at this coffee house is that no “older faggots – no old dykes” were welcome.  Poor innocent Fred is brought to the coffee house by Charles who slyly and mysteriously does not mention to Fred this is a gay recruiting trip. Charles only gives Fred an inkling that something is unusual by inviting him to stay the whole weekend with him prior to their heading out for the coffee house. Basically this becomes a sales pitch from Charles who eventually ropes Fred into a sexual liaison.  Don’t forget that, of course, Charles is a child of divorced parents and, of course, this all happens in California. You know how they are in California!

It made me snicker to wonder if the reason the book is so filled with stereotypes is that this is the source from whence our popular culture got these asinine notions to begin with.  Sure, it is also possible that the culture informed the book. It is a chicken, egg, chicken sort of thing but I find comfort in imagining all the bigots forming their rhetoric on dirty novels they read in secret.

The moral of the chapter is, of course, that while the evil Charles is able to go on to lead a normal successful life in which he gets married and has children, poor old Fred gets snagged by the homosexual lifestyle and is a lost soul for the rest of his days. You might imagine why I find this whole construct offensive.  It is an artifact of the bad old days when Americans were sure that the ‘fags’ were out to get them and somehow ‘the gay’ would get on you.  This harkens to times when a gay man couldn’t serve as a mentor for a troubled teen or babysit a neighbor’s young son without being accused of trying to molest them. Way back when a man would be in fear of being beaten to death if he were seen making out with his boyfriend. It appalled my sense of social justice, right and wrong, freedom and Americanism. Then it occurred to me that actually those things still happen and this sort of propaganda isn’t really all that antiquated.

The book covers the evils of pornography, wife swapping, voyeurism, and fetishism.  All the while the book is warning the reader away from their wiles. The chapters on the mass marketing of loose morals to teenagers through advertising based in sexual innuendo and the perils of teen-bop music were particularly trite.

In the end, I couldn’t get through the whole thing.  I tried but lost interest and ended up flipping through pages with glazed eyes.  I think the fatal flaw for this book is that it sounds too much like current day Fox News.  There are so many people who still hold to these stupid notions of sexuality and perversion. Ultimately, it is all too familiar. I am glad Daddy doesn’t ask me to review these pseudo social books and you can bet if you find many more reviews of these types of books here, it is a result of me being a rotten little girl and getting ‘punished’.