Pornotopia Issue 2 Front Cover

Front Cover for Pornotopia Issue 2

Edited by M.A. Sirk
Published in 2010 by Pandora Press

Full disclosure: M.A. Sirk sent me this zine at no cost.

The second issue of “Pornotopia” continues the themes of the first issue while improving its execution.  The introduction explains the origin of the name “Pornotopia.” In the next article Sirk talks about how he discovered his sexuality from his childhood through his adolescence.  Like the first issue, there is an article devoted to amateur porn, a featured fetish/interest (female body hair), fiction, and a travelogue of a trip to a nude beach.

The best thing about “Pornotopia” is Sirk’s writing style.  Too many fetish writers fancy themselves evangelicals who are converting the uniformed.  Worse still are those fetish writers who are preaching at the choir.  Refreshingly, Sirk does neither.  Instead, Sirk describes his personal fetishes in a conversational matter-of-fact style. The reader feels simultaneously like Sirk’s old friend and a voyeur secretly observing Sirk’s most private moments. Sirk’s fearlessly reveals his most intimate thoughts without sounding as though he is boasting or trying to scandalize the reader.

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