Transpired front cover

Front cover for Transpired

Self-Published in 2011

In the introduction to Transpired, the creators, Hales and Zig, claim that they created the zine with the goal of removing Gender Identity Disorder and transvestic fetishism from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Physically, this zine takes an extremely low-tech approach. The layout relies heavily on handwritten and cut-and-paste pages. Unfortunately, the execution of the layout made the pages look jumbled and hard to read. While editors with a mission are often able to make their writing seem passionate, the passion of this zine’s creators turned into histrionics. The articles are long on righteous indignation and short on logic or meaningful persuasion.

The content combined with the jarring layout made Transpired a mess.  While reading a bad zine is a disappointment to me personally, I think its biggest failing is that anyone reading Transpired who was already convinced that Gender Identity Disorder and transvestic fetishism are mental illnesses would hold the zine as further evidence to support that opinion.