Cinema Sewer front cover

Cinema Sewer front cover

Edited by Robin Bougie
Published in 2007 by Fab Press

I don’t like comics.  I suppose comics are fine if you are a little kid, but adults should have much better things to do than read comics.

I also don’t like going to the movies.  If you catch me after I have stood in line, overpaid for a ticket, gotten raped at the concession stand, and endured the company of so many people who are using what might otherwise be precious air, you will catch me in a mood to join any revolution that calls for genocide.  While I could watch movies at home, I rarely have the time and even more rarely have the inclination.  Another hassle is that getting a good movie involves more energy than I care to invest.  One problem is that there really aren’t many avenues available to get the sorts of movies that appeal to me.  While some of you might be content to go to a certain national chain I won’t mention by name (it’s name rhymes with cock duster), I hold it in the same low esteem I hold traditional movie theaters.

Another thing that limits my movie watching is that few movies tickle my fancy. Even watching XXX movies is tedious. Porn is the kind of experience that should leave you feeling queasy and disturbed about humanity.  Unfortunately, the supply of such fare is scant and the overwhelming majority of what the porn store stocks is a bore.

So what is someone that dislikes comics and movies doing reading this book? It’s simple: Bougie’s work is so good, I couldn’t put this down.  Bougie’s talent as an artist and enthusiasm for his subject comes through on each and every page such that I reconsidered my aversion to comics and movies.

The pages of Cinema Sewer focus on coverage of obscure horror, low budget 60s and 70s exploitation, Hong Kong cinema, and (my personal favorite) classic and extreme pornography. Though Bougie’s love of extreme and obscure movies shines through in his writing, it doesn’t obscure his objectivity.  When a film is good, Bougie’s excitement is contagious.  If a film is bad, his criticism is biting, thought provoking, and entertaining.

While I could go on and on in singing the praises of Cinema Sewer, it is so good that you should experience it yourself.  If you buy no other book this year, it should be this one.  Truly the best book I have read in years.