I have been remiss about posting updates of late.  In addition to traveling far and wide and presenting with my slave, my attention has been diverted with all sorts of other projects. I have still found time to read, though I have found myself stuck on one particular work that has caused me to spend some time thinking about why I created this site and its purpose.  I hope to be finished with the work and my review very soon and re-focus my efforts on reading and reviewing.

After reading today’s installment of Perversion in the News, I knew that I had to post it. Not only does the contain two different acts that constitute “perversion,” it also includes references to one of today’s moral panics: bath salts.

I am old enough to remember the moral panic of Satanism back in the 1980s.  By some accounts, the devil was everywhere.  Not only did he run daycare facilities, but if your children happened to reach their teenage years unscathed by demonic forces you could be sure that they were being actively recruited by Satanic cults whose secret membership reached into the highest levels of government and other institutions.  By far and away, my favorite claim was that Heavy Metal bands were inserting backwards messages to encourage listeners to worship the devil or commit suicide.  As Judas Priest pointed out, if they wanted to insert secret messages into their music, it would be commands to buy more of their records.

Bath salts remind me of this.  While I have no interest in doing them, I have to imagine that the amount of damage they do is vastly overstated.  Certainly alcohol must cause more societal mayhem than bath salts.  Maybe bath salt makers need to contribute more taxes and purchase Superbowl ads to become more acceptable. This seems unlikely in today’s moral climate.  Then again, stranger things have certainly happened.

But I digress as I am wont to do.  To read the article visit http://www.azcentral.com/offbeat/articles/2012/09/17/20120917west-virginia-man-sexually-assaulted-stolen-goat-cops-say.html.