Erotica Grotesque front cover

Front cover for Erotica Grotesque

by Anonymous
Published in 1972 by Color Climax Corporation

I know it is cliché, but I really do read dirty magazines for the articles.  Ordinarily I would not have much time or use for a magazine that lacked articles or other text.  However, “Erotica Grotesque” is anything but ordinary.  Presented in its pages are images of labial piercing, lactation, pregnancy sex, extreme vaginal stretching, and more in all their genital hair glory. Though it is only 32 pages long  (each page consists of a single picture), this thin digest-sized volume packs more of a wallop than the average fetish magazine packs in 100+ pages.

It serves as a good reminder that all manner of dirty sex existed long before the internet.  If you come across a copy, do yourself a favor and buy it.